Spring Flower Tips!

Spring Flower Tips!


Beautiful lily flowers

Always clip the anthers off of Lilies before arranging. 

Anthers are covered with red-brown pollen that surround the stamen. When the pollen is wet it can stain anything it gets on including clothing, table clothes, furniture etc. However if it is dry pollen it can easily be brushed away. 

Keep cut lilies away from cats. If they bite a lily, lick the pollen, or drink the water from their vase it can cause them to have kidney failure.


Toned blue tulip flowers

Tulips actually keep growing after they are cut. 

If you want to prevent them from growing in your arrangement make a small vertical cut in the stem right below the flowers head. You can also cut them a bit shorter than you actually want them to be and they will grow into your arrangement. 

Droopy Tulip heads? This is usually because they flower isn’t getting enough water to its head due to a clogged stem. Stick a pin through the stem right under the flower head to create a tiny hole that will help unclog the stem so that it can drink more water. You can also try rolling a bunch of Tulips inside newspaper and plunging it into cold water. 

Want to transfer your tulips into a totally new flower? Simply use the reflexing technique. Gently flip each petal downward until the whole Tulip is open and all the petals are pulled away from the center. 


Blue hyacinth

Hyacinths are very top heavy flowers causing them often to droop. Just like with Tulips you’ll want to stick a pin in the stem about 1inch below the flowers head to allow them to drink more water. This will help them to perk right back up. 

How to tell if they are fresh? Make sure they still have their bulb attached to their base. Also if they look transparent in color this is a sign that they are old and may have been stored in the cooler for too long. 

They can also be very fragrant so you’ll want to be careful as they can cause many allergies including rashes, headaches, runny nose and itchy eyes. 


Bouquet of beautiful daffodils

Avoid placing daffodils with other flower. Their sap can cause other flowers that they are paired with to die. If you really want to use them with other flowers soak them overnight in cold water first. 

Cute ways to arrange daffodils. Place them in glass jars, pitchers, or bottles. 

Ox-Eye Daises

Bouquet of Chamomiles ( Ox-Eye Daisy)

These cute little wild daises can be found blooming right outside your door in the Spring. Who says you need spend a fortune on flowers. Harvesting fresh flowers works just as well and Spring is the perfect time to forage. 

Can’t find any Ox-Eye Daises? You can also use Shasta Daises as well. They are gorgeous when paired with lilies, roses, sunflowers, carnations or just in vase on their own. 

Remember to keep the water level in your vase high and cut 3/4 inch off the stems everyday. 

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