Wedding Brand Bootcamp

BFS is here to help support our floral community and one way we do that is by making all floral creatives aware of educational opportunities. 

This one is definitely something we all need to take a look at often: How do we talk about our Brand so that it attracts the right customers/clients? 

Here is an amazing Bootcamp at a fantastic price of only $17

Say what? 

Yes, you heard us right, only $17! 

So what is it and what’s it about?

The Wedding Brand Bootcamp is all about up-leveling your brand by creating a BRAND STORY for your business. Although the name has “Wedding” in it, it really is perfect for any floral entrepreneur that wants to take it up a notch.

Brought to you by The Floral Business Academy, the Wedding Brand Bootcamp kicks off for 7 days on May 10th-16th. Yes, just a day after Mother’s Day. What better way to get back in gear for promoting yourself over the summer months?To learn more about it, just click here. You can’t beat the price. What have you got to lose?