How to Choose the Perfect Color for Flowers

How to Choose the Perfect Color for Flowers

No matter the size of a wedding, florals are an important part of the occasion. This is especially true when it comes to the bridal bouquet. Aspects to consider include the style of bouquet, choice of flowers, and fragrance options. However, the most important choice is selecting the color of the bridal bouquet. The following are some florist tips on how one can choose the perfect color for wedding flower bouquets.

Gather Inspiration

Gathering inspiration in the form of pictures is an excellent way to start the process. This can include visiting floral websites that you’re fond of, floral designers you’re a fan of, or simply scrolling through Instagram and Pinterest. With a compilation of pictures before you, you can look in from the outside and see the similarities between pictures.

Wedding Color Scheme

For some brides, the wedding color scheme has to be reflected in their bridal bouquets. Floral industry professionals like florists, wholesalers, and wedding flower designers can offer brides all sorts of choices in terms of color and design so that their bridal bouquets can match the color scheme they’ve decided upon for their wedding.

Complementing Different Colors

Because bridal bouquets are held in front of the bride’s dress, many people decide on colors that complement the dress. For example, if a bride has a cream wedding dress, she may not opt for bright, white flowers. A bride can also base the color of her bouquets on the bridesmaids’ dresses, which not only stands out against her white dress, but also creates a complementary look that ties different pieces together.

Brides with colorful wedding dresses can go for a monochromatic look and opt for different shades of the same color for their bridal bouquets. Additionally, brides can use seasonal colors as inspiration, such as using rustic tones for fall weddings and more pastel colors for spring weddings.

A Striking Contrast

Other brides choose to make their bridal bouquets stand out by selecting colors that contrast against their wedding dresses. For example, brides with white dresses may choose a bouquet of black roses.

Popular Selections for 2021

2021 flower trends are definitely going to be influenced by Pantone’s two colors of the year – gray and yellow.

Dried flowers and foliage like pampas grass are one of the best 2021 flower trends – these will make an appearance, especially in bouquets that are more muted and neutral.  You should also expect more light colors – think powder blue instead of navy for a softer feel.

Of course, neutrals aren’t going anywhere – this classic is here to stay for 2021 flower trends, and you’ll be sure to see plenty of neutral bouquets with natural touches.

No matter the choice, the main thing to keep in mind is supply. Florists must be prepared – if clients want flowers that aren’t in season locally, they will have to be imported. Each different flower wholesaler in Miami will have different floral options. However, this is no worry with Berkeley Florist Supply – helping with wholesale flowers since 1947 and being a one-stop shop for all things floral, florists will not be disappointed. Call anytime if you need help with wholesale flowers in South Florida or elsewhere – Berkeley is there to help!