Corporate Flower Arrangements in the Event Space

Corporate Flower Arrangements in the Event Space

For florists looking to expand their portfolio outside of typical wedding & events, the corporate event space is a great place to start.  But one thing a florist should keep in mind is that corporate flower arrangements are very different from typical wedding flowers and learning to design corporate flower arrangements is a new skill a florist should acquire, this blog post will hopefully help.

How Corporate Flower Arrangements Differ From Wedding Flowers

A florist needs to understand that they cannot design for corporate events the same way they design for weddings.  Corporate events are a different vibe where the decor is modern and very structured.  But this could also change depending on the type of event where the vibe is whimsy, fun, and colorful.  The florist should determine two things: what is the occasion and what is the vibe? Once they have an understanding of the goal of the event, then they design corporate flower arrangements to meet that vibe.

How Social Media Plays a Role in Corporate Events  

Social Media is a very big channel and marketing outlet for companies, it’s no surprise that corporate events create an occasion for the guests to become a company’s own best marketers.  Corporate flower arrangements are designed to draw the eye of the guest and prompt to snap a photo.  Think really fun or beautiful flower walls, table arrangements, stages, and “red carpets”.  By creating corporate flower arrangements that create those “instagrammable moments” and encourage the guests to use a particular hashtag, it helps a company gain traction on social media.  Social media influencer events tend to be very floral heavy for this exact reason.

Corporate Clients Tend to Be Very Easy to Work With

Corporate event planners typically know exactly what they want, they already have a vision for the event, and they communicate this vision with the florist.  They will tell the florist that they want these particular colors and they have this look and feel in mind.  With these parameters in place, it makes the job of the florist to create corporate flower arrangements that meet the vision of the event planner much easier.  One reason being they have the creative freedom to simply design instead of scrolling through Pinterest and trying to create a mood board of their own. 

Corporate Flower Arrangements Inspiration is all Around Us

When a florist is looking to start working with corporate events, it can be intimidating at first to try and come up with corporate flower designs that are vastly different then the wedding flowers they are used to.  But the inspiration for corporate flower arrangements can be found even in wedding flowers.  The idea is to take the wedding flowers and come up with a way to “corporatize” them, how can a florist take flowers from romantic and dreamy to fun, modern, and eclectic?  Looking up past events on social media can be a great way to gather ideas and hone in on the skill of corporate flowers.  But the best advice is to simply keep your phone handy and as you go about your daily life, snap photos of things that inspire you and use that to come up with ideas for corporate flower arrangements. 

Other than my hotel clients, corporate event planners have been some of my favorite clients to work with as well as being some of the most memorable events I’ve done — including the event that you see here, the First Lady’s luncheon. I hope you find this blog post helpful if you are considering transitioning your floral business or simply diversifying to work in corporate events.  You might be interested in a free masterclass that I have for florists looking to get started working with hotels and creating consistent monthly income through those hotel floral contracts.

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