What Our Customers Are Saying

  • "Berkeley is my go-to for gorgeous, fresh flowers and supplies. With a wide variety of flowers from all over the world, my company is able to create gorgeous designs with a variety of texture and color. The staff I deal with each day at Berkeley is attentive, professional and extremely helpful. I am happy to be doing business with Berkeley for the past 8 years! I look forward to many more years of fresh Berkeley flowers and supplies."

  • Meredith Clarin, Owner

    "We love working with Berkeley Florist Supply's supply and fresh flower departments. We are so appreciative of our sales reps who are helpful and so patient with us when we make last-minute, same day orders. The variety is great and the prices are competitive even if we are only getting a few items rather than bulk wholesale. Great company, very accommodating to our fast-paced and last-minute needs."

  • Bobby Kyser, Owner / President

    "Berkeley is the best! I recently opened a flower shop in the Wynwood area and heard through my sister-in-law that Berkeley's was located near my store. I went to check it out the very next day and the first person to greet me was Sean, who is very attentive with every customer and helps me almost every time I go. Frank and Jorge and are also my go-to's in the fresh flower department, and Mauricio is my guy for everything else located in the back of the store. Berkeley Florist Supply is a one-stop shop for all your floral needs and will continue receiving my business because their team makes me feel like it's my second home."

  • Petal Cartel

    "My flower paradise, Berkeley Florist Supply always has the freshest, most beautiful greens, cut flowers, floral fillers and supplies all under one roof! It is my go-to place where I look for something unique that no other wholesale establishment can get. They receive shipments from all over the world and back their product with a super friendly and knowledgeable staff. For variety and amazing materials for the smallest events to the largest weddings, Berkeley Florist Supply is the place to go!"

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