About Us

Berkeley Florist Supply

South Florida’s oldest and largest wholesale florist supply company.

Our Story

In 1947, Abe Rogers, a florist from Boston, moved to Miami and opened Berkeley, one of South Florida’s first wholesale florist supply companies. In 1965, Rogers sold the seven person company to Morey Moss, a 25 year old accountant from humble beginnings who was eager to own his own business. In seven years, he outgrew his building and purchased a 30,000 square foot warehouse in the neighborhood now known as Allapattah. Moss has owned and operated Berkeley for 55 years. In January, 2021, Moss celebrated his 80th birthday with his staff of thirty people, several of whom have worked with him for decades. 

With a knowledgeable staff and friendly environment, Berkeley Florist Supply has been the go-to place for florists, designers and individuals looking to create exquisite floral arrangements. Let us help you create your next masterpiece!

Morey Moss

Morey Moss, Owner of Berkeley Florist Supply Company since 1965