2021 Floral Trends

2021 Floral Trends

Change is inevitable as life moves forward, and this is evident in the floral industry. Everchanging color preferences and designs make it extremely important for consumers, retailers, and wholesalers to keep up with current trends. 

Back to Natural

While 2020 may have brought us flower color trends like pops of orange and jewel tones, 2021 is taking us back to natural, calming colors. CMG’s Color Alert® has showcased this perfectly, with January’s color being a calm lavender – after the crazy year that was 2020, it’s understandable that consumers need calming colors in 2021.  While the shift to natural colors is evident, color hasn’t completely disappeared. Instead, consumers are opting for muted colors. Pantone’s colors for 2021 include a neutral grey and muted yellow, encapsulating this perfectly.


While sustainability is more of a movement than a trend, it is still important in the floral industry. With consumers becoming more eco-conscious, wholesale flowers and supplies must follow this example. This includes using eco-friendly packaging, eco-friendly supplies, and even dried flowers. Whether you’re selling wholesale flowers or buying wholesale flowers as a retailer, it is essential to show customers your commitment to sustainability in order to get their business and satisfy their needs.

The Importance of Accessories and Details

With the world still reeling from the COVID-19 pandemic, florals are purchased more than ever with the intention of styling and photographing them. Thus, accessories are key. Whether this is foliage and greenery, or beautiful containers and packaging, it needs to be taken into consideration. 2020 saw pampas grass becoming increasingly popular, and this isn’t going anywhere in 2021. Accessories such as baby’s breath, pampas grass, and dried eucalyptus are going to remain popular in 2021. 

In addition to recyclable packaging and ornate containers, materials like rattan, wicker, and raffia are in demand when it comes to packaging and details.

Keeping track of floral trends isn’t limited to florists, consumers, and marketers. Wholesalers take note of trends and make sure to have a large supply of accessories, wholesale flowers, and supplies required for sale at all times. 

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